Tuesday, March 12, 2013

T-shirt Poster

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3/11/13 Minutes

Here are the minutes from today's meeting:  

• Michael says 'Thanks' for allowing him to speak with us today on behalf of Retton & Murphy.
• Thanks everyone who helped at the Brain Expo!  A special thanks to those who helped set up and take down.
• Here is the design for the t-shirt that we voted on: 
^the t-shirt will be green and have slightly different formatting.
• Start telling your friends about the t-shirts and bracelets; I will bring order forms to the meeting on Monday 3/25.
• It has been decided that we will go to the Cincinnati Zoo on April 13th! Let me know if you want to go ASAP.
• If anyone has pictures from the Brain Expo, please email them to Erin Balser.

Have a great Spring Break!

3/4/13 Minutes

A few points from this weeks meeting:
-->The Brain Expo is this Friday, March 8th, from 9 AM - 2 PM. We will be setting up on March 7th at 5 PM (should take about 2-3 hours) in the Don Morris Room in the Student Center. We will also be help take down right after the Brain Expo (should take 1-1.5 hours). Below is a list of members volunteered to help set up and take down. Contact an officer if you cannot help or would like to add your name to the list.
        -->Set up : Kayla Morris, Miles Gray, Jordan Sheppard, Matthew Colonna, Erin Balser, Leah Edmonds, Shyla Snodgrass, Tuesday Moats
        -->Take down : Sierra Cook, Seth Baisden, Gary Hatfield, Andrew Lusk, Anthony Davis
-->A representative from Retton & Murphy will be at the next meeting to get input for this years election
-->We will be voting on a t-shirt design next week also. If you want to submit a design, bring it next week
-->The zoo trip is still scheduled for April 13th. We will be voting on whether to go to the Cincinnati Zoo or the Columbus Zoo next week.
The next meeting is 3/11/13 in the Ecology Lab (S382). Hope to see everyone there!

2/25/13 Minutes

A few things from this weeks meeting.
-->If you would like to help set up or take down the Brain Expo, let an officer know. You do not have to actually volunteer at the expo to help. Set up is March 7th at 5:00 PM and take down is right after the expo on March 8th at 2 PM
-->The club is asking everyone to think of t-shirt designs they like
-->If you went to the aquarium, take the survey to let us know what you thought
-->If anyone has pictures from the aquarium trip and would like to share, email them to Erin (balser7@live.marshall.edu) or add them to the facebook page
-->Next week is greenhouse day! We will meet in our regular room (S382) and walk to the greenhouse around 5:10 PM
Have a great week!
Next meeting is 3/4/13 in the Ecology Lab (S382)

2/18/13 Minutes

Just a friendly reminder that the Newport Aquarium trip is this Saturday! If you are attending, meet in the parking lot between Smith Hall and Morrow Library at 6:50 AM. The rides will be leaving by 7:00 AM. Non-members are required to pay the group fee of $17.00. Members should bring $17.00 just in case and food money.
Also, thanks to everyone who helped in the greenhouse this evening!