Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3/11/13 Minutes

Here are the minutes from today's meeting:  

• Michael says 'Thanks' for allowing him to speak with us today on behalf of Retton & Murphy.
• Thanks everyone who helped at the Brain Expo!  A special thanks to those who helped set up and take down.
• Here is the design for the t-shirt that we voted on: 
^the t-shirt will be green and have slightly different formatting.
• Start telling your friends about the t-shirts and bracelets; I will bring order forms to the meeting on Monday 3/25.
• It has been decided that we will go to the Cincinnati Zoo on April 13th! Let me know if you want to go ASAP.
• If anyone has pictures from the Brain Expo, please email them to Erin Balser.

Have a great Spring Break!

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