Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2/11/13 Minutes

Here are the minutes from this week's meeting.
-->The Newport aquarium trip is on schedule for Saturday, February 23rd
-->For the club to pay for you, you must volunteer at one of our fundraisers!!
-->The tickets are $17 with our group rate; the club will be paying for all members who volunteer at a fundraiser.
However, bring $17 just in case. If you have to pay at the aquarium, we will reimburse you
-->Non-members just pay the $17
-->We will be leaving around 7 AM and still need drivers (Let an officer know if you can drive)
-->You may sign up for the trip or remove your name from the list until Monday, February 18th
-->We will be going to the greenhouse at next week's meeting to pot plants
-->So far, we have cosmos, nasturtiums, zinnias and Mexican sunflowers
-->We would appreciate help from anyone who has experience growing these plants
-->Volunteers are needed for the Brain Expo on Friday, March 8th
-->You can volunteer anytime between 9 AM and 2 PM
-->Let an officer know if you would like to volunteer
-->Bracelets are in! If you can't make a meeting to get yours, an officer can meet you with your bracelet!

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